Last Friday, 10th of February, the class of primary 6 went to the Guggenheim museum with Mr. Del Olmo and Mr. Lennen.
The class was divided into two groups; one went with Mr. Lennen and the other group with Mr. Del Olmo.

Mr. Lennen’s group saw some drawings of pop (popular) art, and he explained some things about the painting whilst watching them.

The other group went to see some sculptures made by Richard Serra, and both things were really interesting.

Each group spent half an hour with each teacher and that wasn´t much time, so the explanations of each sculpture, or each drawing weren’t  very detailed. However they both, Mr. Lennen and Mr. Del Olmo, tried to explain to us what  the author was trying to express with every piece of art exposed in the museum.

I think it was quite an interesting visit because we learnt a lot in the way of trying to get another point of view of art.

This has probably changed our minds, because now it´s not just a bit of painting that anyone could do, but a much more complicated thing to do.

By: Alvaro Gorczyca and Pablo Navarro

11 / 04 / 16