Last week a group of ten students from Secondary 1,2 and 3 travelled to Stonar boarding school, near Bath (England), for a seven day exchange trip.

They spent time in class along with the pupils from Stonar, studying subjects they were familiar with as well as others they hadn’t seen before, such as Latin or a taster session of Japanese.  They also had occasion to do trampolining with an experienced teacher on an olympic sized trampoline, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The trip also included a visit to Lacock, a typical English village where scenes from the “Harry Potter” films were shot, and a day out in Bath to see the Roman Baths, the Abbey and have a chance to buy a few souvenirs.

Taking into account the glowing reports Stonar teachers gave of the students’ attitude in the classroom, I think we can say that the experience was, on the whole, a resounding success and one that several of the students would love to repeat.
Wednesday 22 March 2017
Today we have been in the Stonar School’s classes. We have experienced the boarding school girls’ life. We have also got used to their routines, which is very interesting because it is so different to ours.

After school classes we have gone to our house and had a good chat. Then we have seen one of the common rooms and dormitories where the girls live.
Begoña and Izaro Calderón.

Thursday 23 March 2017
Today we have been to Lacock. It has been very interesting because we have seen loads of things. We went to the Anglican parish church, where some of us got stuck for about ten minutes. It was a Gothic church, which had graves and some yellow flowers,daffodils.
Then we went to an abbey where some scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. The lady informed us about how the nuns and chaplains lived .
After this, we went to a cafe where we had some hot chocolate with biscuits and we took advantage of the Wi-Fi connection to communicate with our family and friends.

Carla San Juan and Sara López.

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