Visit to "El Correo"



On Nov 3rd Primary 6 went to visit the printing press that the newspaper El Correo has in Zamudio. I had never visited such a place and I thought my students would enjoy it and learn something at the same time.
I could go on to give an account of our visit but I think our student Daniel can do it better.
“At the beginning of the trip we got into a room with a giant screen where we watched a video film that taught us everything in a summarized way. The newspaper guide called Joana told us the three phases of making a newspaper: pre-pressing, pressing and packaging. We had 30 minutes to ask all our doubts.”
Later we went to the places associated with each phase. Daniel adds “All the newspapers were hanging around! The machines were very noisy. We left the press and got to school. Before that, we were all given a folder and the newspaper of the day.”
 As a teacher, a place like El Correo’s printing press offers the possibility of watching first class technology up-close. Unfortunately the real working seems to happen after midnight when the presses start to roll. Anyway, the students understood the clockwork precision needed in this type of industry. As Sonia says “Toda la gente que trabaja aquí tiene que tener muchísima energía porque no cualquiera puede estar toda la noche viendo tanta máquina funcionar.”
I totally agree.
Finally the visit was entertaining as well as educational.  And most of the students had the same opinion like, for instance, Alicia and Almudena who comment that “desde mi punto de vista creo que fue una visita muy interesante ya que nunca había visto algo así” and “fue una excursión fantástica, que deberíamos de estar agradecidos por esta visita”.
Well, we’ll see
Javier del Olmo
English Department 
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11 / 04 / 15