Visit to the Science Museum in San Sebastian

First of all I should explain what is unusual about this museum. It’s brand new and interactive which is a novelty in the north of Spain.

Imagine a place where children can actually touch and play with the exhibits of the museum.

I was so eager to see the place that I went last year with my own children to observe their reactions. It was a great success.

Finally, we managed to go this course with Primary 5 and 6 to the EUREKA! ZIENTZIA MUSEOA, the museum’s present name. We had organised a 3-hour programme which tried to summarize the spirit of the museum and it was a hit.

Let’s hear it from them.

Amaia from Primary 5 said: “This museum had amazing things; one of the most amazing was a room full of mirrors, where you could go in, but not out”.

Pablo from Primary 6 said: “I liked the visit because we could touch, play and interact with all the objects. I would recommend families with kids to go.”

Victoria from Primary 5 added: “I liked the section dedicated to electricity and solar energy experiment because it was a bit like a lesson”

Julia from Primary 5 also pointed out about the electricity section: “I liked most a ball that, when touched, gave off a small electrical charge.”

And the comments go on and on, each and every one of them recommending families to spend a day in the museum enjoying themselves and learning something on the way.

Finalmente unas palabras en castellano: primero quiero agradecer a los niños que fueron al museo por un comportamiento genial; después a los niños que colaboraron en esta reseña y a otros cuyos comentarios no he podido incluir; y para finalizar, pedirles a los padres que se animen y vayan al museo porque a pesar de estar allí 3 horas, nos quedamos sin ver muchísimas cosas y es una actividad que se puede realizar en familia.

Un saludo

Mr. del Olmo
Science and English Department

11 / 04 / 15