Today was our last day of receiving information about Road Safety.  We talked about how to avoid accidents as pedestrians and as drivers. We also talked about why rules were needed. And we even practiced how to be good pedestrians and drivers.

Last Wednesday afternoon, two police officers came to school to talk about Road Safety, they were called Jon and Jose Luis. They told us how to behave on public roads and  which were the risks on roads.

Afterwards, on Friday, we had two sessions, the first one was about how to be a good driver, their rules and which vehicles we could ride. In the second session we talked about why rules and traffic signs were needed, and how  traffic lights or “Stop” signs were put in the places.

The last and the greatest session was today’s, we practiced in the school’s parking lot how we should act when we’re in the road, we had the opportunity to drive a “motorbike” and we had to respect signs, traffic lights and we had a lot of fun.



11 / 04 / 12