Primary 2 visited the spectacular Iron "Puente Colgante". They loved learning about the first shuttle bridge built in the world.
After checking out the Iron support cables 110 mts away from the Getxo tower and seeing how small everybody and everything  was from up there, they lay upon the planks of the high pathway (45 mts ) on the crossbar. They really enjoyed watching all those cables moving.  A Wonderful mecanism for its gondola, cart and rail.
They also became quite excited trying to spot sharks and whales!
But our main purpose for crossing from one tower to the other was our Geography lesson really close to the sky! Those views! Fantastic to establish where Bilbao, mountains beyond, river and sea all were.
They located a few mountains and twitching their fingers which had become imaginary drops of water, they trickled down slopes. Bit by bit those arms became brooks, streams, little rivers plus wider ones to eventually became River Nervion. Yes, that River Nervion made its winding way right under the bridge and with a "jump in the air" we all turned round and faced the sea. They all shouted "We are Salty now! " It was those minerals and rocks on the way down!!
Our compass rose knowledge helped a lot. We placed the sea at the north and leaving Bilbao at our backs we were able to establish Getxo on the right hand bank and Portu on the left.
We had a clapping audience so we decided to perform a baby "jota".
We still had plenty of energy left so before  boarding the little ferry boat  back we stopped at Portu’s Bandstand and in pairs we danced right on the plaza. A quick two-step paso doble!
It was a lovely afternoon!

Ms Lina

11 / 04 / 14