Sunday 14th of June

Llegaremos a Londres  al mediodía y tras registrarnos y deshacer las maletas, Iremos al British Museum y conoceremos, mediante una visita guiada, sus Momias, la piedra Roseta y muchas otras maravillas del Mundo antiguo.  Desde allí  daremos un paseo para  acercaremos a Covent Garden, Leicester Square , Trafalgar Square, Picadilly circus, China Town  y el Soho para situarnos y respirar el ambiente  del centro de  Londres. Cenaremos  por la Zona tras los cual volveremos al Hotel dando un paseo. 

We all woke up really early to go to school at 8 am to get a bus to go to Santander airport (thank you Mari Jose and Mr William). At 10:30 before  taking  the plane towards London we ate the croissants and buns that Alejandra had brought for all of us (thank you Begoña). At 11:30 we got to London and went to the hotel to leave our luggage. We went to Covent Garden to have lunch. In the afternoon we hung around Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hamleys and finally Trafalgar Square. We had dinner near Leicester Square and then went back to the hotel walking.

Ines D. Alejandra A.




Monday 15th of June
Tomaremos el metro en dirección a Camden Town para visitar el famoso mercado, renombrado por su colorido ambiente. Si el tiempo lo permite daremos un paseo por el Canal hasta “Little Venice” y nos quedaremos a comer por los alrededores. Desde allí  volveremos la zona de Westminster para visitar The Houses of Parliament, Downing street, Buckingham Palace ,Trafalgar Square y The National Gallery.
Surrounded by Greek sculptures  and friendly looking mummies, we entered the British museum first thing in the morning. Overwhelmed by such a cultural visit, we went SHOPPING  to Camden town , YEAH!!!!!!! Such an occassion enabled us to wander through its alleys and visit  some really cool shops , this was also an opportunity for some to renew their summer clothing  (eh Alejandra…). To finish this exhausting day we had some free time to roam around London streets  and learn more about its buildings and people. (Trafalgar square, the National gallery…)

Iñigo A.

Tuesday 16th of June 

Saldremos en un “doubledecker” hacia Greenwich para ver el observatorio, la línea del meridiano y el Gran velero de la época victoriana, Cutty Sark, restaurado después del incendio de 2007 Descansaremos y comeremos en el parque de Greenwich tras lo cual volveremos a Londres en barco por el río Támesis.
Aunque generalmente hacemos una cena de grupo el último día, teniendo en cuenta que el Sábado salimos muy pronto y que además tres de los alumnos vuelven dos días antes, hemos decidido adelantar la cena al Martes para que podamos estar todos. Cenaremos todos juntos en un restaurante que elijan los alumnos.

Today instead of going to Greenwich as originally planned, we’ve visited Kew Gardens. After buying lunch at Tesco, we’ve caught the tube and a double decker bus in order to get there. First of all we’ve had a look at all the different plant and tree species in the greenhouse and, after having lunch, we’ve been walking around the gardens as it was sunny at last. Tonight we plan on having dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Chinatown, where we will be eating on cushions on the floor instead of using chairs as usually done in Japan

Nerea D. & Javier F.



Wednesday 17th of June

Saldremos temprano a la mañana para ir a la zona de los museos y visitar El Science Museum y Natural History Museum, tras lo cual daremos una vuelta por Harrods, The Strand, Burlington Arcade y Fortnum and Mason’s con un paseo por Bond Street. A la tarde iremos a ver el Musical The Lion King en el Lyceum Theatre del West End.

The day started early, at 8:00 A.M, when most of us were caught sleeping in our chambers, As planned, we headed towards Buckingham palace, crossing Kensington gardens and High Park on our way there. The day was mostly spent “chilling out”. If I had to choose the day’s most exciting thing I would without hesitation choose the changing of the guards at Buckingham,it was crazy. We also visited the Science museum and the Natural history museum where we learnt really cool facts like that a giant sequioa tree can reach a radius of up to 4 metres if it is fed properly. Later on we had the chance to visit Harrods after crossing the royal Albert memorial. The shop was unbelievably big. The day ended with a wonderful musical; "The Lion King” which was a nice experience.

In a nutshell it has been a great day which we will all keep in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Arturo .G


Thursday 18th of June

Pasaremos la mañana con una visita guiada al Globe Theatre, reproducción fiel del lugar en el que Shakespeare representó sus obras del final del siglo XVI, donde participaremos en varios talleres con los actores y educadores del centro.   Tras visitar la Catedral de San Pablo, daremos un paseo por la margen izquierda del Támesis haciendo una parada para tomar el té y reponer fuerzas en el  Hay’s Gallery. Cruzaremos el río por Tower Bridge viendo la Torre de Londres y paseando por el muelle de la época de Enrique VIII, (St. Katherine´s Dock).

Today has been a lovely day. The day started at 8:00am. We headed for The Globe Theatre were we had a few activities in line. We met a Young English actor who toured us through the building and taught us many interesting facts about Shakespeare’s Globe. While all this was happening we were all really anxious to know our selectivity exam marks which were published at 12:00 am and thank God it was  all good news( WE HAVE ALL PASSED WITH GOOD GRADES). After that we all walked down River Thames South Bank and we all had lunch together in a beautiful pub.  Sadly, Alejandra, Luis and Ines had to leave us to get their flight to return to Bilbao, so we said goodbye to them and waved them farewell.  At 5:00 pm we have all gone to Fortnum and Mason where we have finished our shopping. After all this hustle we have returned to the hotel and relaxed before dinner. At 20.30 pm we have had dinner and walked back to the Hotel to end a great day.

Juan N. & Arturo G.



Friday 19th of June

Alquilaremos bicicletas para pasar la mañana en  una visita guiada por los parques de Londres tras lo cual  haremos las maletas para que los chicos puedan  disfrutar del tiempo restante visitando lo que más nos haya gustado de Londres. 

Today, Friday, we had to wake up a bit earlier because we had planned to hire some bikes and ride around London. This has been one of the best activities we’ve done up to now, crashes, blood, all of us trying to be in the first place, although we had to go on a single line behind the guide… after this amazing ride, stopping at some cultural places like Big Ben and St. Pauls cathedral, we had lunch next to Waterloo station and some of us went to Covent garden. After that, to do our last shopping. By 4pm we were already in the hotel, to sleep a bit, before going to Oxford Street. At 8:30pm or so we will have dinner, and at 3am we will head towards the airport. But before that, PARTY! To put a full stop to this amazing trip. See you soon, mates.

Borja G.



Saturday 20th of June

Nos recogerán en el hotel a las 3 de la mañana para llevarnos al Aeropuerto de Stansted  desde donde saldremos a las 6:50 de la mañana para volver a Santander y desde allí a Bilbao para descansar.

The School’s trip is quickly approaching its end. The remaining boys and girls are having fun in their last hours together in this memorable experience. Some couldn’t make it and others left earlier. Yesterday evening we went to report a pickpocket who stole one of the boy’s wallet, Don Iñigo seems to be getting better from his accident trying to help some Japanese tourists near the British Museum and everyone stayed in groups in the bedrooms reminiscing the week’s experiences. At two o’clock we start going downstairs to wait for the bus that will take us to Stansted. On the way there we start feeling sleepy and some manage to get a few minutes sleep. We arrived with plenty of time, had some breakfast and waited… Now we are back home. Don Iñigo has some damage to his foot that will prevent him to walk for a couple of weeks and we all feel happy about the wonderful experience. It has been a lovely week. Our young leavers have had an excellent behaviour and they have made our week easy and enjoyable. Thank you, 2nd Baccalaureate, have a great summer holiday and the best of luck!

Mr. Gaspar



11 / 04 / 15