MugLike every year, our first baccalaureate students are on the money raising campaign to get the necessary funds to finance their end of course study trip which symbolises the end of a schooling era.

This promotion have had quite a nice idea. They have designed some cups with the coat of arms and a school slogan and have asked us to publish it on the net.

We feel that it would not only be a nice reminder for many an ex pupil or associate but also a donation to this worthy cause . Which of us does not look back with warmth and reminisce about our own trip and the good times we shared.
The cups are priced at 10 euros (photo enclosed )

We also have available the DVD of our recent 50th anniversary with a compendium of images. All of those who attended on may 13th 2006 were extended a copy but for those of you unable to make it we have copies available for a donation of 2 euros towards the end of studies trip
Interested parties should get in touch with administration.


11 / 04 / 15