7th of October 2014
Primary 1 and 2 visited Karpin, a beautiful rescue center for unwanted "exotic” pets.
The fieldtrip was very interesting and the children behaved very well.. walking around in silence trying not to frighten these poor abandoned animals away. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to see wildcats; monkeys; one eyed alligators; bears; very large turtles; kangaroos; guanacos; pumas; owls; ostriches; peacocks; eagles; iguanas and many more. The children were very sad to learn that all of these animals were at Karpin due to unkind behaviour. They learnt that different wild animals should live in their own wild natural habitats and that "cute" cubs, chicks joeys, kittens and animals in general can become ill or grow very big, become dangerous or endangered animals, when forced to live in a different habitat to their own. Our children were not pleased to hear that most animals had been abandoned, thrown out of peoples’ homes into rivers, left in parks, or abandoned in fields. They did not like hearing that some of these animals had been forced to live in cages. 
Andereño Eli and Ms Lina explained that people had wanted these exotic animals but that as they grew they became a problem and turned into "unwanted" animals.
By the end of the day our little St Georgians had all agreed that if you had a pet you had to look after it really well. Most of them said that it wasn’t fair to have birds living in cages either, because birds have wings and they cannot fly around in a cage!
Los niños de primero y segundo de primaria han visitado un parque de recuperacion de animales .En el El Karpin han comprendido que no es justo extraer un animal  por muy bonito, curioso o diferente que sea, de su habitat natural para luego abandonarlo en cualquier sitio cuando se hace adulto y crece demasiado, se pone enfermo de frio o calor o se vuelva arisco al no estar con los suyos. Han visto que muchas personas  han tradado muy mal a estos animales por ejemplo enjualandolos  en espacios pequeños y que otras personas  los han herido  y abandonado en cualquier sitio cuando ya no los querian tener en casa.Les ha parecido horrible.
Como se han portado muy bien , los niños han podido ver muchos animales. Nuestros niños se han mostrado muy respetuosos con ellos y les ha interesado todo mucho.Y como broche final han recorrido el parque tematico dedicado a los dinosaurios.
Un dia inolvidable!!
11 / 04 / 10