"On the 10th of January, our class had the chance to visit El Correo to see how and where newspapers are made." María Solar said and continued "When we entered, there was a big model of the buildings. A guide started to explain everything about the facility. The press machines were enormous and technicians had to work hard to make everything work perfectly. We saw an old press machine and compared it to the new ones. Finally, the guide gave us a present to remember the good time we spent there."

Jorge Gil added, " From the outside, the buildings are really big. Later a guide took us to a room where we saw a presentation about the newspaper and its presses. He took us to see the gigantic press machines that were, unfortunately, not being at that moment. To sum up, we saw the whole process of the making of a newspaper.

Pablo Sainz insisted, " Despues del video, hemos visto el lugar donde se almacenan los rollos de papel. Son comoo gigantes. Me sentía como un enano. Las máquinas y los contenedores de pintura tambien son impresionantes. Esta experiencia ha sido una de las más enriquecedoras de las que hemos hecho."

To cut a long story, as a teacher I like children to think about the things we take for granted and to make them realise that sometimes something as ordinary as a newspapaer is the result of the efforts of a lot of people. Just like a school.

The end

Written by María Solar, Jorge Gil and Pablo Sainz, all from Primary 6 with the collaboration of Mr del Olmo 

11 / 04 / 15