St. George´s seeks to replicate the methodology and functioning of British schools with logical adaptations required by the school´s being located in a different country and culture.

While still operating within the Spanish educational system, St. George´s aims to provide students with preparation that will enable them to pursue further education both in Spain and the rest of the world. A thorough knowledge and confident use of the English Language will obviously broaden enormously academic and work prospects for students. At the same time, in consonance with the traditional approach of the British educational system, the school places much importance on a simple equation: order = performance. Based on these two premises, educators can complete their specific mission to facilitate the students learning process, for which control of, and responsibility for their own behaviour is essential, and to create de conditions where difficulties, when they arise, and achieve their objectives.

We seek to inculcate into the students the idea that they should structure their personal behaviour and subject it to certain restrictions in their own lives. The important message behind the development of self-control is that it can also help to promote individual initiative and freedom of action in other areas of the individual´s life.

Between the sixth grade of primary education and baccalaureate level, students prepare for the various internationally recognised English

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