JulieToday we live in a world subject to constant and sudden transformation, with technology, values, ways of thinking, feeling and acting all changing. In such an ebullient culture, our children and young people are inevitably affected by this and developing new ways to look at the world.

As parents, we often have less time than we would like to spare for the education of our children. Though we are more knowledgeable and have better resources, when we make the first crucial decision about where to send our children to school we are often assailed by doubts about what will be best for them.

Responsibility for children’s education does not, however, rest only with the school. Clearly, the parents are a vital element in the development of the personality and knowledge of their sons and daughters, and represent the principal role models on which children will base their own behaviour.

It is thus very important that in choosing a school for their children, parents must be aware of and share the educational philosophy and style of the school chosen.

Parents should also ensure that the school and its staff have a clear and profound commitment to education, and a developed curriculum that seeks to achieve the goals established in the school’s philosophy. The character of a school is based on its philosophy, and not merely on its capacity to impart knowledge.

It is of course also necessary to consider the more mundane aspects of the school, which also add value to education there. Such elements as location, facilities and transport are also factors to be weighed up in the choice of a school for our children.

St. George’s School is founded on a very clear philosophy of education, and the style of schooling here is explained to parents in detail before children are accepted, and their committed involvement in the school’s aims is also important to us.

We want to help the parents of our students to make responsible and coherent decisions, to work together for the future of their children. As the central protagonists in shaping the future of their children, we hope that these reflections will help parents to make the best decision for the education of their children.

Julie Franks
Head Teacher, St. George’s English School of Bilbao

11 / 04 / 15