Today the students of 4th of ESO and the biology students of Bachillerato attended a presentation by Adriana Pérez and accompanied by Irene Cantero from the University of Navarra.
In her presentation she explained how modern day life has become very busy and stressful but despite these changes, it is not a physically demanding lifestyle. She explained that there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and obesity as a result of this increasingly sedentary lifestyle and she highlighted the economical repercussions this involves. 
She also explained the procedure pharmaceutical companies go through to be able to produce marketable medication, taking up to 15 years to complete and costing many millions of euros. Adriana then went onto explain the possible role of nanotechnology and other such lines of study in this industry and urged the students to choose degree course that they like above all else. 
It was a very interesting presentation which showed many facets of the same problem and one which will hopefully help some students in their difficult task of choosing possible future university courses.
Many thanks to Ms Yolanda for her organisation.
11 / 02 / 18